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The City of Asheville has various openings on various committees. Have you ever wanted to make a difference? Have you wondered, “Can the City benefit from my experience and knowledge?” Do you want to have a voice in the City’s growth and future? Do you want to be a part of the body that is responsible for making decisions regarding policy, service and education? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to take that initial step forward and put your perspective, leadership and knowledge to task by serving on one of the many committees we have to offer.

Through a variety of boards and commissions established by Asheville City Council, citizens can provide input on the policies that shape their government and their city. There are currently more than 30 boards and commissions that advise the Mayor and City Council on a array of issues.

Board members and commissioners generally serve as unpaid volunteers, but the rewards can be gratifying: members meet other residents with similar interests, they learn about the city, and they help shape the future of Asheville. Being on a board or commission does require a significant personal commitment, however, so applicants should consider their ability to commit their time and personal energy before applying.

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FAQ's: Interested Volunteers

Rules on Boards & Commissions

Boards and Commissions Manual

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City of Asheville Talent Scout 

Boards & Commissions Meeting Schedules, Contact Information and Liaisons

2017 Boards & Commissions Vacancies Schedule


If you are interested in serving on a Boards or Commission, download an application or request one from the city clerk’s office. After your application is received, you will receive a receipt of application e-mail. If you do not receive that receipt within a day after submittal, please contact Deputy City Clerk Sarah Terwilliger at or 259-5839 to make sure that your application has reached the City Clerk's Office. Once an application is received, the city will place your name on the resource list for the particular board. When vacancies occur, the City Council will review the resource list and schedule interviews. You will be contacted directly if it is necessary for you to interview for an appointment.

To find out more about a specific board or commission, please visit their individual web pages located on the left menu. Board and commission meetings are open to the public, so potential applicants are encouraged to sit in on monthly meetings. Meeting dates, times and locations vary, and are available on individual web pages.

If members of the public are interested in being on an e-mail list to receive information on a particular board, they will need to contact the individual staff contact (which can be found in the Boards & Commissions Meeting Schedules, Contact Information and Liaisons below).


COMMUNITY ACTION OPPORTUNITIES – The mission of the organization is to help people who live on limited incomes transform their lives. 

 The deadline for receiving applications for this opening is Wednesday, September 6 at 5:00 p.m. 

 PLANNING & ZONING COMMISSION – The Commission is an advisory board to City Council and shall (1) review all new text for proposed amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), and proposals to zone or change the zoning of all property regulated under the UDO and to make recommendations to City Council for final action thereon; (2) perform studies and surveys of the present conditions and probable future development of the City and its environs, including, but not limited to, studies and surveys of land uses, population, traffic, parking, and redevelopment needs; (3) formulate and recommend to City Council the adoption or amendment of a comprehensive plan and other plans, as necessary, for the City and its environs ; (4) review the terms of the UDO from time to time, as it deems appropriate, and to recommend to City Council any changes that the Commission considers necessary to regulate properly the development and use of land, buildings and structures; (5) review applications for planned unit development designation and the preliminary plans for such planned unit developments and to make recommendations to City Council for final action thereon; and (6) review and decide on approval of all proposed preliminary plats of major subdivisions.

 The deadline for receiving applications for this opening is Tuesday, August 22 at 5:00 p.m.

 RECREATION BOARD - The Board advises City Council on various matters pertaining to the operation of park facilities and recreation programs within the City of Asheville, to make policy recommendations to City Council, and to carry out duties as may be assigned to them by City Council.

The deadline for receiving applications for this opening is Wednesday, September 6 at 5:00 p.m. 


For a Transit Committee Application please use the form at:

 The Committee functions as an advisory board to the Multimodal Transportation Commission and to the City staff on matters affecting the transit system and its operation.  Transit Committee Members review monthly system operations reports, help facilitate public outreach efforts, and represent the general public in matters concerning the transit system.  The Transit Committees consists of at least seven members and up to eleven members. All are appointed by the Multimodal Transportation Commission. The terms of office are three years. The Asheville Transit Committee will meet the first Tuesday of every month from 3:30 to 5:30 PM. The meetings will be held in the 4th Floor Police/Fire Training Room of the Municipal Building at 100 Court Plaza.  Please submit applications to Mr. Elias Mathes at  



The purpose of the Committee is to study greenways development in the City and serve as an advisory body to the MMTC on matters affecting the Greenway system and its operation, including, but not limited to the following:

1. The current and future direction of the greenway system; 2. Greenway system quality, effectiveness, problems, needs, and requirements; 3. Greenway matters of public interest and concern; 4. Advocate and conduct public outreach on greenway matters; 5. Prioritize greenway and greenway connector projects on an annual basis;  6. Grants and other sources of funding; 7. Rules, regulations, and procedures; 8. Coordination of greenway matters with other agencies and interest groups as may be necessary or desirable; 9. Other greenway matters as necessary for the effective operation of the Greenway system; and 10. Provides technical review on greenway projects and other projects that impact greenways.

Please submit applications to Ms. Lucy Crown at:  

Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 259-5839 or by e-mail at for any information on Boards & Commissions.


Contact Information

Maggie Burleson, City Clerk
Location: Asheville City Hall, 2nd floor
Mailing: P.O. Box 7148, Asheville, NC 28802
Phone: (828) 259-5601