Zoning Inspections

New Construction and Renovation or Addition Projects

A final zoning inspection is a required step for the Certificate of Occupancy for most projects. The zoning inspection insures that the site was developed according to the approved site plans, paying particular attention to the required parking and landscaping.

To schedule a final zoning inspection for a completed project, please use our Citizen Access Portal.  Once at the site, search by your record or permit number to find your development and schedule your inspection.

Existing Sites & Notices of Violation

Zoning Code Enforcement Officers respond to citizen complaints concerning situations which might be out of compliance with the zoning code. These situations include:

  • junk cars or abandoned cars
  • setback violations
  • Short-Term Rental Violations
  • sign violations
  • inadequate landscaping on commercial or multi-family property
  • non-permitted uses

If you have received a notice of violation concerning your property, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer who signed your letter. Contact information is listed below.

Harry Gillis, Zoning Enforcement Officer, 828-259-5446
Penny Sams, Zoning Enforcement Officer, 828-259-5456

If you wish to make a complaint regarding a potential zoning violation, please use the Asheville App to submit your complaint Please be aware that any written or email communications is part of the public record.