The City of Asheville strives to provide the highest quality and most efficient municipal services possible. In order to make doing business with the city more convenient, Asheville is continually working to expand its offering of online services. Use the menu below to access current services offered online.

Open Counter: Use this tool to assist you in determining the zoning and permitting requirements for starting a new business in the City of Asheville.

The Asheville App: This app gives citizens the power to access city information on the go, report issues, submit service requests and get follow up notifications. The app is available on most mobile devices and through the city website.

Open Data: Use this public platform for exploring and downloading open data, discovering apps, and engaging to solve important local issues.

Asheville City Street & Sidewalk Closures: This service details active filings for street closures submitted to the City of Asheville. Please note that this list contains only approved permitted street closures by the Transportation and Engineering Department. Temporary repair closures by the Department of Public Works and closure information for state roads managed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation are not included.

Development, Permit, & Inspection Portal: Allows users to search development projects, apply for permits, track progress through the process, schedule inspections, and pay for services. Users do not need to create an account to search development and permit history and status but do need an account to apply for permits, pay for services, and schedule inspections.

mapAsheville: Asheville’s mapAsheville is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) web-based mapping capability designed to be user-friendly. It provides electronic maps that can display multi-layered pictures and information about a specific area. It also allows citizens to map large-scale development activity by neighborhood.

Parking Ticket Payments: Search by either the individual parking ticket number or by the tag number and state for the vehicle that received the parking ticket. Payment are accepted via Credit Card.

Parks and Recreation Program Registration: Offers the convenience of online registrations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Self-register for a variety of activities offered. You will have the option to view class/program availability and to enroll in classes. Also, you can process a payment, print a receipt, and/or save to disk in one easy operation. You may also review your enrollment history and send e-mails.

Picnic Shelter Reservations: Offers the convenience of reserving picnic shelters online. This service allows viewing of all park shelters by date, shelter capacity limits and amenities along with maps and directions.

Snow Mapper: A GIS map of streets in our area, who is responsible for snow removal (City, State or Private) and the priority level of the street. Search by address for more information.

Utility Bill Payments (Water, Sewer, Recycling & Stormwater): Asheville's Online Utility Billing offers customers a convenient method to track their water, sewer, recycling and fireline services and provides a record of the amount of water used. Check the amount of previous bills, when payments were recorded and history of water consumption. Save yourself a stamp, and make secure credit card payments online.

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