Non-Paid Positions

Our goal is to provide interns with a first hand experience of Asheville Police Department operations and a better understanding of municipal policing.

The Recruitment and Career Development Division is responsible for the intern application process. The intern applicant will be expected to follow all requests of the Recruiting Officer in a timely manner. The intern candidate will be required to successfully complete a drug test, criminal background investigation and provide two documented reference checks. Internship assignment are made on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information on internship opportunities please contact the Recruitment and Career Development Division at 828-273-2144 or

The Asheville Police Department's Volunteer Program was established as a link between residents and the police department. Volunteers learn more about the community's needs and resources while providing valuable assistance to the city's professional staff. 

Participation in the volunteer program enables residents to be involved with the police department and update their career skills with on-the-job training.

A wide range of opportunities are available. The hours and days each volunteer works are structured for the convenience. Asheville Police Department volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend the Citizen's Police Academy.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities please contact Raine Harrison at 828-259-5912 or

The Chaplain Program is made up of certified volunteers who are in good standing with their respective faith based organizations. Chaplains assist in making notifications to families of individuals who have been seriously injured or killed, visiting sick or injured employees, participate in funerals and other ceremonies for active and retired employees, serve as a resource for officers dealing with traumatic incidents, provide counsel and support for employees and their families, provide an additional link between the department and the community and assist the community in other functions as needed or requested.

For additional information on the Chaplain program please contact Captain Gary Gudac at (828) 259-5994.