Billing Information




The City of Asheville’s Customer Service Division can assist you with billing questions by calling (828) 251-1122 . Service representatives are available via telephone from 9:00 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on holidays.

The City of Asheville teams up with the Metropolitan Sewerage District (MSD) to send out bills to its customers. Water and sewer charges are combined on one bill providing you with the convenience of one bill instead of two.

The City of Asheville’s Water Resources Department reads meters and bills for water and sewer services every two months for residential customers. Larger commercial/industrial customers are billed monthly. See the water rates and fees section for specific billing rates.

If you have questions about sewer charges, please call MSD at (828) 254-9646 .

If you have questions about water charges, please call Customer Services at (828) 251-1122 .


If you suspect your water consumption is too high, please contact the Customer Services Division at (828) 251-1122 as soon as possible. You may have a water leak that needs to be addressed. The Water Resources Department can help determine if you have a leak and will consider adjustments to water bills in the event of a leak. It is most helpful if these situations are addressed quickly.

The city can re-read your meter to help determine if you have a leak on the private side of your meter. If you do have a leak on your side of the meter, you must fix it immediately in order to receive an adjustment.

  • Leak adjustments are conditional upon the repair of the leak by the customer within 30 days of the leak detection.
  • Customer requests for billing adjustments due to a private side leak must be made in writing within 45 days of leak repair and include proof of repair.
  • A maximum of two leak adjustments may be made in any 24-month period.

For more information call (828) 251-1122 Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m.-5 p.m., except holidays.