Water Rates & Fees

 Schedule I: Fees and Charges: Effective July 1, 2018 (CLICK HERE)

All water accounts are charged a $6.21 base fee as well as a volume charge per 100 cubic feet (ccf) of water used (1 ccf = 748 gallons).  The rate for water use by ccf is as follows:

Consumption Charges**:  
Single-Family Residential
$4.13 per ccf
Irrigation $4.95 per ccf
Multi-Family Residential $3.56 per ccf
Commercial (</= 1,000 ccf monthly)
$3.49 per ccf
Commercial (> 1,000 ccf monthly)
$2.10 per ccf 
Commercial (</= 2,000 ccf bimonthly)
$3.49 per ccf
Commercial (> 2,000 ccf bimonthly)
$2.10 per ccf
Manufacturer (</= 1,000 ccf monthly)
$3.49 per ccf
Manufacturer (> 1,000 ccf monthly)
$1.98 per ccf
Manufacturer (</= 2,000 ccf bimonthly)
$3.49 per ccf
Manufacturer (> 2,000 ccf bimonthly)
$1.98 per ccf
*Wholesale     Consumption
$1.21 per ccf
$184.00 per 10,000 gallons/day 

*Wholesale Customers paying a fixed monthly capital charge are billed $184 per 10,000 gallons per day of capacity committed.  Wholesale Customers paying a volume charge are billed $1.21 per ccf unless their contract specifies otherwise.


Capital Fee**:

The City of Asheville includes a capital fee on all water bills that is dedicated to funding long-term water system improvements.  This charge appears on every bill as a separate line item called “Capital Fee.”  All residential customers pay $4.17 per month for their domestic water use.  If they have an irrigation account, they will be charged by the meter size as shown below.  For other customers, the charge is based on meter size according to the schedule below:

Monthly Fee**:

5/8 inch meter
3/4 inch meter 
1 inch meter $57.31
1 1/2 inch meter $95.52 
2 inch meter $167.16
3 inch meter $525.36
4 inch meter $919.39
6 inch meter $1,182.07
8 inch meter $1,444.75
10 inch meter $1,707.44

If you have questions about the capital fee or are unsure of your water meter size, please call the City of Asheville Customer Service Division at (828) 251-1122.

**Consumption and Capital Improvement (CIP) Charges are effective for all bills issued on or after 9/1/18.

Delinquent fees:

  • The delinquent fee is $15.
  •  The disconnect/reconnect fee is $50.

Fee for Tampering with or Obstructing Access to the Water System:

Customers who damage or tamper with the water system or who obstruct access to the meter will be charged $200 for the first time, $500 for the second time, and a new tap and meter fee for additional times.  Tampering is also subject to criminal charges.  There are also additional fees for Unauthorized Fire Hydrant Use.

Re-read Fee:

Customers are granted one free meter re-read each year.  All subsequent re-reads are charged $25 each.


A $100 refundable deposit will be charged to customers who have not established good credit.